Livestream & On-Demand Pilates

It now couldn’t be simpler to access our classes, no matter your location, all you need is an hour to dedicate to your wellbeing, space to lie down, and an internet connection. We offer 2 types of Virtual classes; Livestream Interactive or Livestream Studio classes. All classes are hosted via Zoom and you will receive your meeting link when you book and again the day before your class.

Livestream Interactive Classes

In our Livestream Interactive Pilates, all the participants are attending online, with two-way communication with your instructor.

Our instructors clearly guide you through the class taking time to closely observe your technique, giving feedback and corrections to allow you to make small changes to positions so you can fully embody the movements.

Livestream Studio Classes

In our Livestream Studio Classes, you join in with a live class from our Cotswold Pilates Studio within the comfort of your own home or workspace. You take the class via Zoom while others are being taught live in the studio.

Your instructor will personally welcome you into the class and ensure you are set up for the class. Please note that in these Livestream Studio classes your instructor is unable to offer personal correction or feedback.

It’s a great way to take a virtual class with your favourite instructor at a time that suits you without having to attend the studio.

Pilates On-Demand

Our Pilates On-Demand service gives you Pilates workouts at your fingertips at a time and place to suit you.

Purchase access to our Pilates On-Demand for just £9.99 a month. You will have access to a library of 5 – 45-minute Pilates sessions that you can choose to take anytime and anywhere that you have an internet connection.

These sessions range from single exercises to full classes with your Virtual class instructors, Becky, Anne, Anthea, and Alice. New content is added every month.

Pilates On-Demand is included within the Quarterly Online, Mat, or Reformer Class membership. Sign in below to take a session now.

What you’ll need


To take an online class, you simply need a clear safe space where you can lie on your back and stretch your arms and legs out. A mat or something similar to lie on will ensure you can feel comfortable when lying down.

A mat, head cushion, block, and resistance band are really helpful props to have as part of your Pilates kit. Once you have settled into your Pilates practice we can advise you on how to purchase these things.

Who are classes suitable for?


Classes are suitable for all those who are injury, pain, and condition-free. Why? Because we care about you being in the right environment while taking classes with us.

If you are unsure if classes will be suitable for you, please drop us an email before booking your first class and we can guide you.

Talk to us


We care that you are in the right class with the right instructor and that you are getting what you need. Before or after booking we can:

  • Give support with bookings
  • answer any questions
  • advise regarding classes
  • listen to feedback

Simply contact us, we are happy to have a conversation via email, telephone or video call.