Online Pilates

Roll out your Pilates mat wherever it suits you to transform your movement and wellbeing with our Online Pilates Classes and On-Demand Pilates workouts with the highly-skilled team you trust.

In-Person Pilates

Increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility using resistance from the body, focus from the mind, and support from the Mat and Reformer (and us!) available in Cirencester and Bristol.

Our classes

Everyone is warmly welcomed in our Pilates classes and our experienced team will guide you through every move to help you improve core strength and coordination. We offer single classes, class blocks, and memberships for ultimate flexibility and those wanting to establish a weekly routine.

One-to-one Pilates

Online and in-person expert Pilates tuition to help you move towards a goal, rebalance or rehabilitate your mind and body.

Mat Pilates

Using body resistance, breath, focus, and Pilates props, you'll step off your mat feeling two inches taller. Online and in-person classes available.

Online Reformer Pilates

Feel positive and strong after a Reformer class with a difference and allow the benefits of Reformer Pilates to radiate into every part of your daily life.


Online workshops and feature classes offer an opportunity for you to discover new mind-body practices and delve deeper into Pilates, movement, and whole-body wellbeing.

Discover the magic of true mind body connection

At The Body Workshop Pilates, you can dedicate time to become present within your body from home in our Online Pilates Studio or in-person in Cirencester and Bristol. Move it, feel it, sense and allow the distractions of modern living to quieten to find true alignment and potential in body and mind.


All our classes are suitable for those who are injury and pain-free.
If you are currently in pain or discomfort, injured, or have a health condition, please contact us before booking into a class.

Getting started with Pilates

Pilates is best known for its body-conditioning equipment, being great mind-body practice, and having a rehabilitative aspect to it and for some, it can feel a bit intimidating to get started.

If you’ve never done Pilates before, know that mat work plays a big role too, and regular Pilates practice can benefit every single body type out there, no matter your physique or fitness level.

At Body Workshop Pilates, we take the overwhelm out of getting started with Pilates. If you wish to take Online Mat classes with us and are new to Pilates you can take an Online Mat class introduction that includes a 45 minute introduction and your first class.

Alternatively, complete the ‘Get me started’ form below and we’ll guide you to which Pilates would suit you best.


'The best Pilates teachers ever'

These are THE best Pilates teachers ever for helping me become – and stay – mobile. Fantastic and knowledgeable instructors make workouts fun (mostly!) and effective, and the studios are light, clean, and airy.

Barbara, Cirencester

'A vital part of my week and my health'

These classes have become a vital part of my week and my health. The sessions are well-structured and interesting. The teachers are very skilled, knowledgeable and give clear cues and explanations. The range of classes is excellent. Everyone seems happy and they treat you with warmth and care.

Julie – Tetbury

'Perfect mindfulness and strengthening'

I LOVE my class with Becky. It is my weekly tonic and I sleep so well afterward, and walk taller. Perfect mindfulness (and strengthening) in this crazy world. Thank you for keeping me sane Becky!

Sam – Online

Meet our team

We’re proud of our passionate team, who each bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as their unique energy to your Body Workshop Pilates experience. Get to know them a little more…


Wellbeing benefits of Pilates movement


Improved flexibility, stability and mobility


Decreased levels of stress and elevates mood


Reduced aches, pains and injury


Improved sleep


Efficient easy movement


Reduced risk of developing disease