Our Pilates Studios

At The Body Workshop Pilates we’ll support you in getting the maximum benefit from Pilates and feel it is important you take classes and sessions that are the most appropriate for you and your body. We offer this through one-to-ones, Mat classes and Reformer classes at our Pilates studios in the heart of Cirencester.

Mat Pilates Classes

Our Pilates Mat classes provide participants with a well-rounded workout using resistance from the body, focus from the mind, and support from the Mat. Classes will sometimes incorporate simple props such as bands, over balls, franklin balls, and magic circles to help you experience the feelings to master the moves.

Our experienced instructors will guide you safely through the class offering demonstrations, explanations, and detailed Imagery so you can gain the full benefits of Mat Pilates.

One of the many benefits of taking Mat Pilates is that you will be armed with the skills to practice by yourself whenever you wish. If you are on our quarterly membership then you also receive 24/7 access to our on-demand video library.

If you haven’t done Pilates before please book a 1:1 introduction before taking the class. All classes are mixed level therefore once you have taken your introduction you can join any class. We encourage you to take the same class every week to gain maximum benefit.

Reformer Pilates Classes

Our Reformer classes increase strength, endurance, and flexibility.  In our Cirencester studio, we have 6 state-of-the-art Balance Body Reformers. During classes, you have your own dedicated Reformer to lie, sit, stand and balance on.

The Reformer is a moving carriage with resistance that can be changed depending on the desired outcome. The feedback of the spring resistance feeds more information into the nervous system so that the body can align and work in the most efficient and optimal way.

If you are on the Reformer quarterly membership then you also receive 24/7 access to our on-demand video library.

If you are new to Reformer classes please ensure you book an introduction before booking into a class. If you have taken Reformer classes elsewhere you are welcome to come straight into classes.


Reformer Pilates Levels

Our Reformer classes are named so that you can ensure you attend the class most suitable for you. If you are new to Reformer Pilates we ask you to take an introduction before joining any class.


Focuses on technique & the essential Pilates exercises. A great class if you are new to Pilates or the Reformer, equally it’s great for those with experience to allow for a real focus on technique.


For those who have experience of Reformer classes & have a clear understanding of the essential exercises. During Evolve you build upon the basics, progress them & pick up the pace to evolve within mind & body.


This class is suitable for those with lots of Reformer Pilates experience & want to build into the more intense and advanced exercises. Please note for this class you must be discomfort free within your body.


All our classes are suitable for those who are injury and pain-free.
If you are currently in pain or discomfort, injured, or have a health condition, please contact us before booking into a class.

One-to-one Pilates

Our One-to-one Pilates sessions are suitable for everyone and are focused entirely on you. Your instructors will design you a bespoke program to meet your goals and every exercise you do will relate and work towards this.


One-to-one Pilates will suit you if you:


are new to Pilates and want fuller understanding before taking a class.


are in pain or discomfort within your body.


want to improve your Pilates technique and understanding.



are undergoing Polestar Pilates teacher training.


want to use Pilates to enhance a sport, gym training or another movement technique.


have been referred to Pilates by a healthcare professional.

are rehabilitating from an injury or surgery.

want to find something to incorporate into your life that can reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing and health.


​Breathwork is a magical practice to transform how we feel. Our BREATHE classes offer a space to reset and rest your nervous system from modern-life stresses and heightened anxiety. 

We’ll breathe through a variety of techniques to soften, delight, and soothe the nervous system and enable you to discover how divine it feels to relax into presence and stillness.

Join us to feel the magic of pure mind-body connection through Breathwork.

Workshops and Feature Classes

These sessions offer an opportunity for you to discover new mind-body practices and to delve deeper into the world of Pilates.

Delivered by guest instructors and our Body Workshop team. Sessions are a mix of in-person classes in the Cirencester studio and online.